Last update on September 06, 2022

Asteroid 2022 RQ2

The asteroid 2022 RQ2 isn't potential hazard near-Earth object. Its size is estimated in the range from 15 meters to 34 meters.

The asteroid 2022 RQ2 was detected on September 03, 2022. This near-Earth object belongs to the Amor group.

It makes one orbit around the Sun in 1107 days. The aphelion (farthest point from the Sun) of the asteroid 2022 RQ2 orbits is 468 million kilometers, and the perihelion (nearest point to the Sun) is 159 million kilometers.

The distance of the asteroid 2022 RQ2 from Earth is currently --.-- million kilometers, equivalent to --.-- astronomical units. Light takes -- minutes and -- seconds to travel from the asteroid 2022 RQ2 and arrive to us.

Approach to Earth

This year, the asteroid 2022 RQ2 flew past Earth on August 23 at 23:13 at a distance of 9.22 million kilometers at a speed of 8 kilometers per second.

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The asteroid 2022 RQ2

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